Cycle Japan Tours - An enticing journey to discover the real Japan!

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Tour Leaders

Cycle Japan Tours looks forward to presenting you with a great cycle tour discovering the sights and delights of Japan and one that will provide an unforgettable experience during the beautiful spring or stunning autumn seasons. Our tour coordinators and leaders are all well-qualified and experienced to show you some of the many magical places on offer in Japan. Respectively, they are long-term permanent residents of Japan, speak the language, and regularly lead cycle tours to explore out of the way places of interest and adventure in the Kansai region and beyond.

John Andrews

Originally from Australia, John has lived both in Japan's Kansai region and Kyushu (southern Japan) for the past 16 years. He has cycled extensively in Japan, as well as in Mongolia, eastern Europe, and the Canadian Rockies. John loves cycling in the Kansai region because of the diversity of places to explore, its fascinating history, interesting people and tasty food. He has a degree in sport and recreation, and has organized many cycle tours and outdoor events especially in Kansai.

Chris James

Hailing from the UK, Chris has spent over a decade exploring the region by bike, canoe and on foot. His particular interest is in finding good eateries in out of the way places to sample the local delicacies. Chris also has extensive experience in organising and leading back country tours.

Greg Patton

Originally from Washington, D.C. and Colorado, Greg came to Japan eighteen years ago. He has lived all over the Kansai region including Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka. He spends his free time cycling, mountain biking, playing disc golf, and playing with his two young sons. Having traveled extensively around Japan, Greg always returns to the Kansai region because of its wonderful people, great food, and enchanting places to discover.